Embawood models took the first place in Ukraine.

Embawood attended the Kiev international furniture fair in Kiev, Ukraine, in “Kiev Extra Palace” exhibition centre, held in 9-12 March of 2011. Embawood took the 200 m² biggest stand in fair and introduced the newest model of 2011 to Ukrainians. One of the distinguishing features of Embawood was a campaign attracting nearly 600 people in the fair. Everyone who attended that campaign was given presents of different values, the women were also given bunch of flowers. According to the results of campaign, Ukrainians give high value of Azerbaijani furniture.  We want to inform you that 5 more stores of us were opened in Kiev. Our company entered to the Ukrainian market with a new brand. Logo is meant to be updated for the markets of other countries. 

During the fair, a competition named “Ukrainian design days” was organized, too. Embawood introduced its concept named “Olivie” in the competition; it took the first place and was awarded diploma. 

At the same time, the traditional framework of the exhibition on March 11, 2011 KİFF - began its work in the Kiev International Furniture Forum. One of the active participants of the forum was Embawwod, as well as the companies from Italy, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia. Ilkin Manafov, brand manager and the representative of the company showed a presentation about “Furniture investigation of Europe and Asia Markets” in the seminar named “Markets of Europe and Asia”. He also gave information about development strategy of Embawood in this direction. 

In the end of Forum, Embawood was accepted as a dynamically developing company by the experts among the furniture companies of CIS countries. We should note that this forum that was appreciated by International Association of Fair,   the European Papiri Massimo, Paolo Portoghesi, V. Qarold Qresser the leading designers, has always been the centre of creativity and innovation uniting the themes such as development of business, ways to increase sales and the methods of effective incorporating cooperation.

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